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brushed nickel finish Brushed Nickel
one of the most beautiful and most durable finishes available. The surface of the item is chrome plated and then hand brushed to give it a slight matte finish. The light brush marks (imagine taking a wire brush to a chrome surface) are clearly visible. Matching components relatively easy to find.
chrome plated finish Chrome Plated
this is the most common finish and one of the most durable. It is simply a shiny chrome plating over brass or plastic.
gold plating finish Gold Plating
usually used on plastic shower heads and trim. Generally more durable than polished brass but not nearly as hard as PVD gold. Can be used with polished brass or PVD gold finishes.
polished brass finish Polished Brass
once the most common finish for 'gold' shower heads and fixtures. The bare metal of the shower head, valve, etc. is buffed to a high shine. The bare brass will tarnish in a short time if left unprotected so most items are coated with a protective coating (usually lacquer) to protect the brass. When the lacquer breaks down with abrasion or wear or simply due to age, the brass will begin to corrode and tarnish. The brass can be re-buffed and coated again with lacquer with good results as long as the base metal has not been allowed to corrode too long. Can be used with gold or PVD gold finishes in most cases.
PVD (Titanium) Gold finish PVD (Titanium) Gold
the hardest of all the finishes. Why Titanium Gold (PVD - Physical Vapor Deposition) instead of polished brass? Titanium gold is a durable, cost-effective alternative to traditional polished brass shower heads and fixtures. The process is 100% environmentally friendly and produces finishes with exceptional physical properties that will not tarnish or corrode. The finished surface is unaffected by the elements and the wear and tear of daily use, including non-abrasive household cleaners and chemicals. The dry vacuum process coats the chrome plated brass surface with ultra hard zirconium and titanium nitrides producing a lustrous bright gold finish that matches well with traditional polished brass and gold plated fixtures.
Satin (Nickel Satin) finish Satin (Nickel Satin)
there are several types of satin finish. There are also manufacturers that sell satin copper, satin brass, satin bronze, etc. Basically, a satin finish is just a flat finish instead of a shiny finish such as chrome. The plastic satin finishes are made by coloring the plastic to get the satin finish. The brass satin finishes are an epoxy coating put onto the brass to give it the satin look. Both are reasonably durable finishes. (Click here to compare Satin finish to Brushed Nickel.)
white (plastic) finish White
usually plastic.
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