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Riser/Extender Brass Shower Arm

Riser/Extender Brass Shower Arm
The perfect shower arm for your over-sized shower head. Simply remove your existing shower pipe, screw a 1/2" pipe nipple (not included) in and then screw the riser/extender arm onto the pipe nipple. (You will need to determine the length of the pipe nipple after removing your shower arm.The pipe nipples we carry will probably be too long and you do not need a finished pipe nipple since it will not be visible.)

The riser/extender arm raises your shower head 10 inches above the height of the shower pipe hole in your wall. it also extends the shower head 18 inches away from the wall. Your shower head will mount in a straight down position. All of our shower heads have swivel joints on them so they can be tilted in any direction. Keep in mind that this long on an arm has a lot of leverage. Caution should be used when installing a heavy shower head (such as our Country Club RainStorm Shower head, or our 12" Euro shower head) on to the riser/extender. The combination of the weight and someone pulling on the heavy shower head for any reason may bend the pipe.

Our Riser/Extenders are available in the following finishes:
Chrome, Brushed Nickel or Titanium Gold (PVD)

Weight 2.00 lbs
Price: $54.95
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