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While we may not all agree on the strength of our showers, we can agree that when it comes to towels, softer is better. And after a Supershowers shower, nothing is softer than our new Luxury of Reya microfiber bath towels and sheets.

At 1/20th the thickness of pure silk, this micro fiber is so decadently soft and smooth, you won't believe how absorbant it is. Yet, it absorbs more than seven times its own weight in water but dries more quickly than the average towel. So, even though you'll want to pamper yourself for hours, wrapped tightly in this billowy sheet, you can be dry in seconds as our Reya sheets and towels literally whisk waterdrops from your skin.

We also offer this luxurious microfiber fabric in bath towels, hand towels and washcloths which are at once super soft and naturally exfoliating. All of our micro fiber is hypoallergenic and can be washed over 100 times without losing their original touch. All are available in Snowy White, Slate Blue, Mocha Brown, Sage Green, Cayenne and Golden Wheat, a perfect palette around which to build your new bathroom oasis.
Luxury of Reya Super Plush Micro Fiber Towels
Luxury of Reya Super Plush Micro Fiber Towels

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