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Giessdorf 6 Jet

Not ready for the Giessdorf 8 Jet Shower Head just yet? Try our Giessdorf 6 Jet Brass Shower Head instead. Same brass construction. While it may not have the "pin you against the back wall of the shower" force that the 8 Jet shower head has, you'll still get one of the best showers you've ever had at 1/2 the cost of an 8 Jet. The Giessdorf 6 Jet Shower Head packs a mighty punch for the "little brother" in the family. Try one for yourself and see how much better your showers will be from now on.

Each of the 6 LEXAN jets has 8 channels for a total of 48 individual streams of water. You adjust the spray to a super fine needle spray down to a drenching coarse spray or anywhere in between. Removable water restrictor. If you want a forceful shower, look at the Giessdorf 6 Jet Shower Head (or the Giessdorf 8 Jet Shower Head)

Finishes currently available in our Giessdorf 6 jets are Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Polished Brass, Titanium Gold, newly added Oil rubbed Bronze and very hard to find Antique Brass!

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Giessdorf 6 Jet Shower Head
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