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Dual Siroflex Shower Heads

Dual Siroflex Shower Heads
Meet our newly listed Dual Siroflex Shower Head set. This is the ULTIMATE Siroflex shower head experience. - Because two shower heads are definitely better than one. :)

~ All pieces are chrome finish

~ Solid Brass Bar

~ 2 - 100% Siroflex shut off valves

~ New Chrome Siroflex Shower heads

~ 124 streams of water hitting your body (62 streams in each shower head)

~ Easy installation

~ Fits all standard 1/2" pipes

~ Each shower head swivels on a ball joint independently (as far as the ball joint allows) to adjust spray position.

Most will have plenty of pressure to run both shower heads at the same time but with reduced water flow to each shower head since you are splitting the water between the two. Run both or once at a time with easy to use Siroflex shut off valves. We have extensively tested this new set and so far, we're loving it!! The water spray is soft and full bodied.

Available in Chrome finish only.

Weight 3.00 lbs
Price: $69.95
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