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Dual Paddle Rain Shower Shower Head

Dual Paddle Rain Shower Shower Head
A unique twist on an old favorite! Two spray paddles that you can adjust to spray in any direction. It's like having 2 shower heads on the same extension arm!

Enjoy the ultimate in shower heads. the Rain shower line of shower heads is like standing in a tropical rain. Never too hard, always a soft, drenching spray. Rinse the shampoo from your hair and soap off your body with ease while enjoying the rain-like sprays dancing across your skin.

The all new Dual Paddle Rain Shower shower heads offer a new level of showering enjoyment. The Dual Paddle Rain Shower Shower Head now outsells the Euro Rain Shower Shower Head by a margin of 10 to 1 when our customers get to compare all of our shower heads running. It feels that good!

You adjust the paddles to spray wherever you want - high or low, up or down, side by side. Each paddle can be adjusted to spray wherever you want it to.

Customize the Paddle Rain Shower . Each paddle is easily removed (great for ease of cleaning) without tools so that you can reverse the paddle(s) Now you can have one spraying high while the other sprays low.

All washerless construction. That's right, no washers. all the seals are simple, common sized o-rings. Adjustable 9" locking extension arm can't droop like washered extensions arms. Attaches to any standard 1/2 inch shower pipe. Heavy brass construction. Attach to your existing shower arm pipe or order one of our pipe nipples for a more custom looking flush mount installation.

Installation tip: Please note when installing your new Paddle Rain Shower, be sure to remove the first joint and thread on to your shower arm or pipe nipple (example in picture above). The joint and the arm are pline locked together and may be a little tight the first time you try to separate them. threaded mounting bolt can be pointing to either the right or the left. Be sure to use 5 wraps or ore of Teflon plumbers tape and NO TOOLS.

Available in Chrome - (out of stock) , Brushed Nickel (out of stock) or Titanium Gold
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