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Aussie Brass Handheld Showerhead Sets

Aussie Brass Handheld Showerhead Sets
Simply elegant. These Aussie Rain Shower style handheld shower head sets will WOW you! From the beautiful styling to the quality construction to the great shower they deliver. This hand shower set is one of the very best hand showers available at any price.

Start with a proven shower head, the Aussie "Down Under" Rain Shower. Make the handle heavy brass with your choice of a brass or a porcelain hand grip. Includes a heavy duty brass pipe bracket and a hose. Now you have a hand shower that you'll love.
Like the standard Aussie "Down Under" shower heads, the Aussie handheld shower is also an "all directional" shower head. The shower head pan can be adjusted to spray in any direction. The brass Aussie Rain shower handle comes with your choice of a brass grip or a porcelain grip.

The solid brass pipe mounting bracket holds your new Aussie Handheld Shower head. solidly in place. The new washerless design allows you to tighten the bracket at any angle without dripping.

Please note: because the Aussie Handheld Shower head set is made of brass, it is heavier than other handheld shower sets. Combine the weight with wet, soapy hands and it is easily dropped unless gripped firmly. We consider it unsuitable for use in a child's shower and it may not be the best choice for use in a handicapped shower or an elderly person's shower.

When ordering your handle style, please keep in mind a "solid brass" handle indicates a no porcelain grip. The handle will be solid brass in whatever finish you order.

Available in Chrome/White Porcelain, Brushed Nickel/White Porcelain or solid Brushed Nickel (no porcelain), Polished Brass/White Porcelain or solid Polished Brass.

All chrome (solid chrome handle) is currently out of stock.

Weight 3.00 lbs
Price: $139.95
Style Handle
Add a brass flow valve
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