High pressure shower heads are becoming harder to find these days, but not here. We carry a large selection of strong and high pressure heads that fit every need from solid brass showers, eco friendly to super high pressure that will knock your sock off. We also carry a nice variety of hand held showers and slide rails. Are you looking to raise or lower your existing shower head? We carry a large selection of extension arms and dual shower heads and sets that make remodeling your current shower system a breeze.

Seriously, just close your eyes and imagine the best shower you've ever had. Were you in a boutique hotel? An exclusive private club? Now, open your eyes and find yourself in your own bathroom at home, standing under a high pressure shower you've always dreamed of. The design is more art than hardware and the shower experience is pure luxury.

Unlike the hardware available in big box stores or even most custom shops, we at OnlineShowerHeads.com know that a shower is only as good as it's flow strength and power. That's why all of our shower heads demonstrate not only superior quality and elegant styling, but the ability to deliver the super strong shower your body craves after a long day. Because let's face it: the light drizzle of a typical shower head may rinse the soap away, but it's not going to leave you feeling invigorated and stripped clean of the day's stresses.

And what better way to found out an exceptional strong-shower experience than with an exceptional bath towel? For as firm and energizing as your OnlineShowerHead bath-time will be, our Luxury of Reya bath sheets are the snuggly soft counterpoint. Like a shammy for the soul, you can wrap yourself in this decadent over-sized sheet and all your cares - and remains of your shower - are absorbed in this billowy fabric.

High Pressure Shower Heads - one word.... Giessdorf!!

Rain Shower Heads - We have many styles to choose from small to our largest 12" in the finishes Chrome, Brushed Nickel or Polished Brass (Gold)

Hand Held Shower Heads - we offer many beautiful styles from contemporary to elegant vintage style hand shower sets.

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